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Sports Massage

Athlete's are you ready to get your body to perform at the next level so you can surmount that new challenge, I can help.

If you train regularly, you know what your "normal" performance is and what part of your body is going to act up, after certain workout sessions.

  • You know where that barrier is that prevents you from getting a new personal best in your event.
  • You know if you push it too hard during some exercises, it will bother you for days.
  • You may have already eliminated a few of the most troublesome sets/events from your routine.

The problem can get better with rest, proper stretching, restorative exercises and using a good Personal Trainer that finds a way for you to help work the kinks out. Each of those will contribute to your recovery, but to allow the most complete and fastest repair, the internal scar tissue and adhesions need to be addressed as soon as possible. I will find those obstacles to your recovery and help release the knots and restrictions that are holding you back. You might be surprised when we find the culprit, since it usually won't be at the site of the most pain. The results will speak for themselves.

Sometimes, one session is all it takes to identify an area in your body that limits your performance. During that session, I address it using a variety of techniques so you notice an immediate difference. It may take several days to a week for you to realize the extent of results. If needed, I'll give you a few simple stretches to help complete the process. Your performance can improve that easily. Usually, the longer the problem has been hanging around, the longer it takes to get complete relief. For many athletes, all it takes is for me to work on them once to identify the real problem. They know their body well enough to take it from there without needing additional sessions with me.


Try a Sports Massage session to see what it can do for your performance. This might be just what it takes for you to out perform your nemesis. 

Massage Therapy by Frank

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