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This page is presented to help you get some relief from the chronic pain and tension in your body. Please read the full descriptions before starting to use the suggestions. At least understand about the over-protective nervous system and its participation in the cause of chronic pain and how to keep from engaging it during your endevour to get better. These pages have information that can help you get past chronic pain and tension and move toward healing.

Also, please keep in mind that healing is not an event, it is a process. If you find something that seems to help part of the problem, continue to do it and give it time to make a difference. Even though these suggestions can make profound changes in a short time, try to get past the "quick-fix" mentality that we have in our society. The body is capable of repairing itself in almost all circumstances, but our spastic desire for instant gratification does not allow the proper mental environment or time necessary for those repairs.


The PDF files are located below.

I hope you find this page helpful. Thanks for visiting and please share this information to anyone that may be suffering and to those that can pass it on to others in need.


This first sheet explains how to use tennis balls, pool noodles and more objects around your house to provide relief from chronic pain and tension.

 Self-Help Myofascial Release Methods 

This sheet gives a few additional tips to calm the nervous system and reduce inflammation. It includes information on alternating Hot/Cold Therapy, Epsom salts baths, Natural Anti-Inflammatory spices and more.

Self-Help Strategies

This sheet is intended to be handed out after a session, but it has information that can further healing, like a less spastic approach to things in life.

Post Session Information Sheet

Sometimes the build up of toxins in the body causes a multitude of symptoms including pain, digestive disorders, foggy-headdedness, etc. The 7-Day Detox Miracle is a great book that explains how we become toxic and how to get rid of those toxins. The information in these pages focus on the diet and supplementation parts of the program and is intended to make it easier to follow the entire program.

The 7-Day Detox Miracle Info Packet

Here are a few other notes to help you recover faster:

Drinking plenty of pure, clean water helps maintain hydration and allows the toxins released during therapy or exercise to be flushed away from the tissues and into the bloodstream where it can be addressed by the liver and kidneys.

Supplying the body with high quality nourishment ensures it will have the resources necessary to speed the healing process. Fiber-rich foods help bind toxins in the intestines to allow them to pass through efficiently without retoxifying. Eating foods that are as fresh as possible and free of additives gives nutrients without the additional stress to the intestines. Also, when it comes to most vegetables eat them raw when you can and if you need to cook them, minimize the cooking time.

Additionally, be sure to get plenty of rest and sleep during your recovery. The only time the body focuses on repairs is during the REM sleep cycles which constitutes about 90 minutes of a good night's sleep. If you are not getting enough good sleep your body will continue to deteriorate, no matter what else you do.


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