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Recommended Reading

In our society, we are taught to ignore most signals from our body. We need to learn how the body tries to communicate with us, so we can avoid some of the problems associated with ignoring it.

These books and links are good places to start or continue on your journey for greater knowledge and understanding of how everything works. If you have any comments, please go to the Contact Page and send an e-mail. Thanks.

Here are some books that aid in understanding our bodies, their function and how to maintain them.

"Craniosacral Therapy, Touchstone for Healing"    John Upledger

"Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma"                    Peter Levine

"Stretching"                                                      Bob Anderson

"7 Day Detox Miracle"                                        Peter Bennet

"Your Body Speaks Your Mind"                            Deb Shipiro

"The Web That Has No Weaver"                          Ted Kaptchuk

"Molecules of Emotion"                                       Candace Pert

"Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse"                         Andreas Moritz

"Smart Nutrients"                                              Abram Hoffer and Morton Walker

"Trail Guide to the Body"                                    Andrew Biel



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